How We Work

Our core service is finding freight and dispatching your trucks.

  1. We gather information about your business to understand how to best help you based on your fleet, drivers and preferred routes.
  2. We negotiate the best rates from freight brokers and shippers to ensure your drivers stay busy and within Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.
  3. Our back-office operations team works with Freight Brokers and Shippers to exchange the necessary contracts/agreements and insurance certificates.
  4. With the Power of Attorney that you grant to us to act on your behalf, we accept loads on your behalf and relay dispatch information to your drivers.
    NOTE: You will always provide the final approval to book a load.
  5. After the load is booked we (dispatch) relay the load information to you (or your drivers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brokers do you work with?

We work with well-established Freight Brokers who are properly licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA)/USDOT.
In addition to maintaining a current broker license, brokers must also be fully bonded and insured.

Do you check Broker's credit rating?

Yes. We check the credit ratings of brokers before we book a load with them. Credit ratings change daily and therefore we have a system in place to ensure we continue to work with only those brokers and shippers that are credit-worthy.

What documentation is required before we start?

The following documents and information is required to be complete and submitted before booking your first load:

  1. Completed Carrier Profile
    Details such as address, contacts, email, phone, factoring company info, travel zone preferences, etc.
  2. Equipment Listing (Truck# and CAB Card for every Truck).
  3. Driver Listing (Driver cell phone, assigned truck and CDL).
  4. Signed Dispatch/Carrier Agreement
    This agreement does not mean you cannot get loads anywhere else; it just covers the relations between your company and ours -and outlines the services we provide to you.
  5. Copy of Motor Carrier Authority
  6. Proof of Insurance + Certificate of Insurance listing TSC Dispatch as Certificate Holder
    (Minimum Insurance coverages: $1,000,000 General Liability; $100,000 Cargo Insurance).
  7. Signed Limited Power of Attorney - this document gives us permission to book loads on your behalf.
  8. Signed IRS Form W-9

What type of equipment do you dispatch?

  • We dispatch almost any type of loads for vans and flatbeds.
  • We specialize in Reefer freight, Dry Van and Flatbed loads.
  • Our loads are typically long-haul between 400 and 3000 miles a load.
  • We encourage, and work with Team Drivers for Expedited loads.

How do we source our loads/ find freight for our customers?

We use our network of Freight Brokers and Shippers.

We DO NOT double-broker freight!

Does TSC Dispatch negotiate detention rates?

  • Under normal circumstances, we ensure that incidental expenses such as loading/unloading (lumper), multi-stop, or special handling expenses are clearly documented in the Rate Confirmation.
  • 100% of the time, Freight Brokers/Shippers will require a signed Agreement between them and your company. The Agreement usually covers the terms and conditions under which a load is booked, picked up, delivered, and how payment on the load is made.
    We will always ensure you understand the terms before signing on a new Broker.
  • In rare situations we will negotiate additional incidental expenses such as driver detention, truck-ordered-not-used, re-routed loads, etc.

Which methods of payment does TSC Dispatch accept?

We accept most major Debit/Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover), CashApp, PayPal, Comcheck, EFS/TChek, and Direct deposit to our bank account.
The method of payment is specified in our Dispatch/Carrier Agreement.

How long does it take for Freight Broker or Shipper to pay?

  • Most brokers/shippers pay between 2 days and 30 days. Some brokers will usually offer a Quick Pay option that you can choose to opt-into on a load-by-load basis.
  • If you have a Factoring agreement with a Factoring company, then you may be paid sooner --in most cases on the same day the load is delivered.
  • TSC Dispatch also offers a Billing Service where we can prepare and send invoices on your behalf. This option is offered in our PREMIUM service offering.

What are the advantages of working with TSC Dispatch?

  • Straight-forward business relationship. We do not hide terms and conditions in fine print or introduce surprise costs.
  • Our pricing model is simple and competitive for the services we offer.
  • Dedicated person for your fleet to ensure you always have a friendly-representative available.
  • Activity reports that give you a financial view of your business.
  • Access to pre-negotiated spot freight from our huge selection of Shippers - usually high-paying, no-hassle freight.
  • PEACE OF MIND - we are your back-office operations team. Our team is always working on your next load, while ensuring that your drivers stay within Hours of Service (HOS) guidelines.
  • Experience. Our team members have logged almost a million miles over the road over several years. We are intimately familiar with the trucking industry from every standpoint.
  • Your Next Load is Our Priority

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